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The Eyestalkers are a colony of watchful eyes. They stare unblinking from their window out into the world, tracking all passersby walking to and from the city centre. The staring eyeballs on stalks are there as a visible manifestation of all the invisible surveillance people are walking into when they go into the city, like the many hidden cameras or systems tracking your phone.

The Eyestalkers aim to create a tangible sense of being watched, to bring the surveillance out into the open, to create that necessary and warranted sense of paranoia that is lacking because of the elusive nature of modern surveillance. Because of their erratic, jerky movements they are real eyecatchers, so they are seen by all while seeing all.

Eyestalkers is a FRONT404 project.


Beer labels

I brewed two batches of beer with some friends, so I had to design some labels.

One of the beers is called Rookie Mistake because we left the tap open when pouring the beer mixture into the vat. The other one’s called Koenduimpje, because my friend Koen accidentally put his thumb in the beer after we meticulously cleaned everything to avoid contamination. As you can tell, we’re real professionals. The beers are delicious though!




Put on your Oculus Rift VR-goggles and jump on the bike, it’s time to go on a Citytrip!

With Citytrip you can explore a fantastical, alien city by riding a bike. By pedaling and steering you navigate through the virtual reality as if you are really there. Fly through the air by pedaling like a mad-man and hitting the ramps, or use the bicycle bell to jump from building to building. Explore the city on the ground or navigate the twisting aerial pathways and cycle along the top floors of skyscrapers. Set your own goals, create your own challenges and have fun!

This project was a collaboration between FRONT404 and Andrius Sta.

Watch Citytrip being enjoyed at the New Institute in Rotterdam:

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