George Orwell’s Birthday Party

On tuesday the 25th of June, to celebrate the 110th birthday of George Orwell, surveillance cameras in the center of the city of Utrecht were decorated with colorful party hats!

George Orwell is best known for his book ‘1984’, in which he describes a dystopian future society where the populace is constantly watched by the surveillance state of Big Brother.

By putting these happy party hats on the surveillance cameras we don’t just celebrate Orwell’s birthday. By making these inconspicuous cameras that we ignore in our daily lives catch the eye again we also create awareness of how many cameras really watch us nowadays, and that the surveillance state described by Orwell is getting closer and closer to reality. This was a FRONT404 project. You can find more pictures here.


Get the print here!

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Get the print here!

Jooseppi Propaganda

I made this poster of majestic cat Jooseppi as a secret santa present for someone.

Gordon Ramsay Propaganda

Here's some Gordon Ramsay Propaganda I made for the hilarious Gordon Ramsay Poetry blog.

Wedding invitation

I made a wedding invitation for my Brother's wedding.

Also, someone gave them a folding chair with the image on it as a wedding present!

True Blue

I designed a propaganda poster as part of Wouter Johan van Leeuwen's project "True Blue". We made screenprints of it, which were shown as part of the [INSERT TITLE HERE] show at gallery Gemak in the Hague.

Republican Primary Propaganda 2012

I'm working on a series of propaganda posters for the different Republican presidential primary candidates. This is a project in progress, so watch this page for updates. There's some links to different sized versions people have requested under the images.

Prints are available for purchase here. The Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney designs are available on t-shirt: here

Rick Perry/Sarah Palin

Herman Cain

Ron Paul

Rick Santorum

Newt Gingrich 1600x900

Mitt Romney 640x960 1536x2048

Negotiations in a “difficult phase”

This is another one about Dutch politics. Dutch parties VVD and CDA form a minority coalition, so they need the right-wing PVV to vote with them on a lot of issues. This gives the PVV a lot of power without any of the responsibilities.

Newt has a Posse

What Newt needs now is a grass-roots campaign of some sort... a Posse if you will.

You can buy it as a print or shirt here.

PVV Propaganda

This is an old propaganda poster used by the Dutch National-Socialist Movement (NSB), that I converted for use by the current Dutch right-wing Party for Freedom (PVV), showing the similarities in style and rhetoric. The text reads "What do you want, Liberty or Serfdom" and "Liberty, only through the PVV".

Always Sunny Propaganda

I made some propaganda posters inspired by my favourite TV show It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

The gang runs for office

panoptICONS propaganda

This is the propaganda poster I made to draw more attention to my panoptICONS project. "Veilig onder moeders vleugels" means "safe under mother's wings". A first version in Dutch was made specifically to be posted in Utrecht, where the panoptICONS project first began. That version has some generically official sounding text about surveillance being for our own good and that if you have nothing to hide you have nothing to worry about. When we started to place camerabirds in other cities, like Amsterdam, the Hague and Brussels, I also made a more general version of the poster. The poster shown below is the English version, which is also for sale though my buy stuff! page.